"I was tired of my regular old pork tenderloin recipe, so I decided it was time to be daring and accelerate it with a boost of "Supercharged Coffee". I followed a recipe from "Fresh Ideas with Leigh Ann" for a Pork Tenderloin with coffee chili rub. The flavor combination was very complimentary, bold, and a big hit with the family! This is the first on many recipes I plan to try using this "Nitro Blend" coffee. "Supercharged Coffee" is a flavorful way to put pep in your step and give many meals & desserts a "High Boost".

Diana U - Phoenix, AZ

"Tried the coffee for the first time and boy was I surprised! Not only did the flavor come through more than the typical name brand but the caffeine was what sold me the most! Great boost without the  traditional crash in the middle of the day. Cant wait to try the new flavors. Keep it up!!!"

Jared L - Bristol, CT

 "OMG... I just tried the mixture of the Nitro Blend with the sample of the new Dual Quad Blend this AM. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!! I couldn't wait to get home to drink more! I am sipping a cup now. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Great job!!!!”

Anne B - Greensburg, PA

"We met Greg and his family in Oahu and had some Supercharged Coffee with him (He says that's all he'll drink!) and I tried it. Wow! What great, smooth coffee. He gave me a can to take home to Australia and now I have it shipped directly to me! Awesome stuff!!"

Phil H - Sydney, AU

"Im 75 years old and have bad acid reflux disease, but this coffee doesn't hurt me at all. Very low acid coffee and really, really smooth. I can only drink a couple cups a day with all that caffeine, but really wakes me up! My lady friend found it for me at the Goodguys Car Show and the Nitro Blend is all I can drink now. Thank You!"

Earl D - Glendale, AZ