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The ability to adjust the brightness and speed from an app on your phone is incredible. The controller connects to the app quickly and from there it takes seconds to adjust the speed and brightness of the lights. You can choose from any one of 120 settings.

Jackson R.

Couldn't be happier with these lights. These were recently installed in my living room and they are beautiful! Many colored options to choose from, incredibly bright, easy set up. Contacted customer service for a technical question and was answered almost immediately. Excellent product, you will not be disappointed!!!

Jessica L.

They look so beautiful and set the vibe for my room! Obsessed is an understatement 😍

Lilly L.

"We met Greg and his family in Oahu and had some Supercharged Coffee with him (He says that's all he'll drink!) and I tried it. Wow! What great, smooth coffee. He gave me a can to take home to Australia and now I have it shipped directly to me! Awesome stuff!!"

Phil H - Sydney, AU

"Im 75 years old and have bad acid reflux disease, but this coffee doesn't hurt me at all. Very low acid coffee and really, really smooth. I can only drink a couple cups a day with all that caffeine, but really wakes me up! My lady friend found it for me at the Goodguys Car Show and the Nitro Blend is all I can drink now. Thank You!"

Earl D - Glendale, AZ

I tried Supercharged Coffee for the first time this week, and it is the best coffee I've had so far to get me energized for the day. It tastes amazing and I'll definitely be ordering more!

Sarah H- Miami, FL
Freshly Roasted Beans

We freshley roast each bag to each order to ensure quality taste

Delivered Fresh

Coffee is shipped the same day it is roasted to keep flavors fresh

Quality Customer Service

We strive to make sure each and every customer feel happy with their purchase

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