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Our Story

      Founder, Greg Lea, is originally from the suburbs of Detroit. He fondly remembers his time with friends in the garage testing their rides on the street and the drag strip. Supercharged Coffee was started from a passion of working on cars late at night while drinking coffee to get through it. There is nothing like a good shot of caffeine (And nitrous) to help get the job done! We’ve all been there, right? Well, Supercharged Coffee is here to help you get through those long days of wrenching on hot rods or whatever you enjoy doing. Made from the finest coffee beans available and supercharged with extra caffeine to give you a boost. When you’re done with the coffee, use this cool can for your nuts and bolts! Whether you're a mechanic, car enthusiast, or just looking for a strong coffee with premium taste THIS IS THE COFFEE YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!


Freshly Roasted Beans

We freshley roast each bag to each order to ensure quality taste

Delivered Fresh

Coffee is shipped the same day it is roasted to keep flavors fresh

Quality Customer Service

We strive to make sure each and every customer feel happy with their purchase

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